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GT85 PTFE Lubricant Spray 400ml

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GT85 PTFE Lubricant Spray 400ml

400ml bottle. 

PTFE Lube spray (WD40)

GT85 Spray is the best kept secret for cleaning, lubing and protecting. It is endorsed and used by DIYers, tradespeople and mechanics.

With its professional strength and water displacing properties, you can expect long-lasting lubrication and a protective shine that leaves a great overall finish.

Lubricating, cleaning and maintaining all types of quads, garden machinery, engines, car parts, tools and heavy-duty machinery.

Bringing the shine back to metal, chrome and plastic surfaces.

Protecting surfaces against dirt, moisture, rust and corrosion.

Loosening stuck parts.

Lubricates metal and composite parts, leaves a long-lasting protective coat.

Cleans and removes mud oil and dirt.

Protects surfaces from water, rust and dirt.

Prevents rust and corrosion.

Loosens stuck bolts and joints.

Brings the shine back to surfaces.

Puts an end to squeaks.

Distinctive lavender smell.

Drives out moisture from electrical systems.

Water displacing properties flush dirt away with ease.

Use on cables, levers, shocks, derailleurs, cassettes, chains and carbon fibre frames too.